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    Software plus Services – "Live Mesh" tip of the iceberg example

    Posted by RicksterCDN on August 18, 2008

    I noticed on both the Canadian Developer and IT Professional blogs that we’re expanding the invitation to join in the technology preview we’re calling LiveMesh to include Canada, Ireland and India. I checked back with the LiveMesh team blog and confirmed that it’s true – there is no longer a wait-list or geography restriction to join the program and check out what could be possible as Software plus Services resolution to the age old problem of file synchronization.

    I do have to mention that this is an example of what a Software plus Services approach to the problem looks like and it really expands beyond that far deeper into what is possible as you step back to think of other issues it can solve for your business. I did some further reading on the LiveMesh team blog to expand my horizons on what is possible and understand what makes up the platform and how people can use it. Have a read here, where Noah Edelstein, Group Product Manager for Mesh Platform Experiences talks about what a platform experience is.

    Have you thought about leveraging Software plus Services into your traditional IT departments? Are you going to reactive and enforce a “shields up” approach and block technologies like this or a proactive approach and explore the possibilities for where it makes sense to include them? Have your IT staff had a chance to explore mesh and other technologies yet?  They can get LiveMesh now from

    I’m curious to see where you think S + S will go and what you think it can do for you. Care to share your thoughts?


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