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    Hyper-V RTM’ed – what you need to know.

    Posted by RicksterCDN on June 26, 2008

    I am a little stoked right now. I’ve just finished up reading all the announcements on Hyper-V that RTM’ed today and I thought I should share some of that excitement with you – in small relevant chunks.

    • You can get it from Windows Update starting on July 8th. Existing Windows Server 2008 systems configured with Windows Update will see it as a download.(Exact package name&number to follow).
      • Note: Windows Update scales out and staggers updates so it might not be there FOR YOU exactly on the 8th, but should appear soon thereafter.
    • You can get all the key information on Hyper-V (our hypervisor based server consolidation solution) from
    • Build Number 6.0.6001.18016
    • Get the final bits as of 3PM EST (noon PST) from the Microsoft Download Centre. If links are not live – be patient as they take time to propagate.
    • Guest Operating Systems that are supported as of RTM are
      • Windows Server 2008
      • Windows Server 2003
      • Windows Server 2000
      • Windows Vista
      • Windows XP
      • Novel SUSE Enterprise Linux
      • (more on the way)
    • Upgrade Scenarios – no changes required to existing system infrastructure. you can keep all of your existing RC machines (RC0, RC1 etc).
      • Saved States and Online Snapshots (since they contain saved states) are NOT supported. They need to be discarded BEFORE going RTM (or prior to resuming the machine)
      • Integration Components need to be installed on all old machines. No uninstall required – just close off “new hardware detected” windows and then choose action – insert integration services setup disk from remote management window
    • There are a number of case studies from TAP customers who have been using Hyper-V RC in their production environments.
      • Coolest factoid for me? TechNet and MSDN are run from Hyper-V web servers.
      • Even cooler? How about virtualizing a 16 VM cluster is handing 25% of the load (25% of 15,000 requests per second, 1.2 billion page views per month, and 280M worldwide unique users per month) right now with more to come. Details over on the Windows Server Division Blog.
    • Very cool process called SVVP (Server Virtualization Validation Program) has spun up (announced last February) which allows any hypervisor vendor to validate their solution of running Windows Server in their virtualization offering.
      • This means that if a product (i.e: server applications like Exchange) is supported to run on a SVVP validated solution, it will get the same level of support regardless of the SVVP validated virtualization offering.
      • Look for more clarification on this in upcoming blog posts.
    • As mentioned above – support for Applications like SQL, Exchange and SharePoint – product teams are producing support statements – you can hear about them here once they are public.
    • Cool tool to help you determine what you can do with your environment: MAP (Microsoft Assessment and Planning) It will be updated to include information on server consolidation / virtualization with Hyper-V.
    • I’ve been asked on a number of occasions on how to do Bitlocker on the Virtualization Host system (parent partition) to help with stolen hardware scenarios that might come up in Branch Office deployments (lots of branches in Canada)… I noticed in the new fray that we’re published a whitepaper on it and it is now available for the public.

    Tons more stuff on virtualization on the way – keep your RSS feeds updating and keep in the loop – wicked crazy stuff is on the way.

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